Review : Metal Slug X : 1999 SNK

To make this review easier to decipher I’m going to break it down into sections of play….

Using the tried and tested formula of a side on scrolling blaster with two commando style guys has been done before, but the Msx does so much better.

First Impressions…
Upon loading Metal Slug X (msx) the first thing I remember thinking was simply WOW! This game just oozes class, as did the previous two games. The amount of time and thought that’s gone into making this game is simply amazing. You have to put aside your thoughts on any sort of intro as this game was meant for the arcade, and arcades are about instant appeal not flash FMV. :O)

First Impressions Score: 80%
Only so much you can do to lure a punter in. :O)

This is by far and a way one of the games many strong points, its been too long for me to remember the last time I sacrificed many life’s in a game by simply looking at what’s going on around in the scenery. The character animation is simply fantastic and I dare anyone to compare the finest in 3d to this masterpiece. Its not just the characters either, you only have to look at the backgrounds to see the sheer thought and detail, so much care and attention has been applied to this game that you’re simply compelled to continue just that little bit more to found out what’s going to happen next. With so much happening in the background you would think that distinguisng between foreground and background action would be difficult, well sometimes it is but definitely not to a degree where it would damage the game, in fact it enhances it. There are so many neat touches that separate this game from any other. You may think I’m over exaggerating but you only need look for yourself to see, and to compare this to any other equivalent game would simply be unfair, as Msx would show how lazy other games artists are.

Graphics Score 97%
No 3d but who needs it, back to old skool I say ;O)

Msx simply grabs you by the scruff of the neck and refuses to let go; it’s so simple yet appealing. I’ve found myself staying in on sunny afternoons just to get to the next boss, just to see what other delights are around the corner. Yes games like this have been done before, yes there are games similar and with more weapons and special effects, but as a whole well rounded package I really don’t think you’ll find a game that better shows how graphics, sound, and gameplay can be integrated so well together. It just gives it a massive edge over anything else. You would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps its lacking long term appeal what with it been a shoot-em-up (albeit of the commando variety) but believe me this game is no push over and even when you do complete it I’m sure you’ll be coming back time and again just to see what graphical niceties you’ve missed and with two player support it makes it all that more interesting. The weapons are truly fantastic. Starting off with your basic peashooter you soon acquire all sorts of arms, from heavy machine guns to mammoth lasers, you even get the opportunity to double there power by eating your way to a larger self. (play the game to understand) ;OP

I think the only downside to the gameplay is in the weapons themselves and the fact that you can only complete this style of game so many times. All in all, fantastic, simple gameplay that could do with a few more weapons.

Gameplay Score: 90%
Utterly compulsive playing :O)

With the Neogeo being flooded with beat-um-ups it’s a pleasure to see such a fine job being made with another genre of game, the programmers have done such a good job that I have to rate this game above anything else I’ve seen for sheer quality. They way that you can compare a 15year old machine that still churns out quality of this pedigree is amazing.

Truly stunning.

Overall Score: 95%
One more thing, I highly recommend that you try using Modafinil if you have trouble keeping awake while playing the game.